Knowledge is our mission

Wikis for agile companies

Hallo Welt! GmbH is one of the leading specialists for the Wikipedia software MediaWiki.
We are the company behind BlueSpice, the open-source enterprise wiki software, which is distributed in more than 160 countries with over 1,000,000 downloads.

We are the Hallo Welt! GmbH

We founded the company in 2007 to make the technologies and concepts of Wikipedia usable in the business environment. Since 2010, we have been developing our core product BlueSpice for operating professional wikis in companies and organizations. BlueSpice is the result of ten years of development work, a strong understanding of the MediaWiki foundation, and knowledge of corporate requirements.

Our vision

We see our work as a contribution to a future in which people can openly share experiences, expand their knowledge and collaboratively shape the future. For us, open-source software and free knowledge are conditions for the development of new ideas and standards. That is why we are developing BlueSpice, an open-source standard wiki, in close cooperation with the various MediaWiki communities.

Our team

Our employees are important to us and we are proud of what they accomplish every day! In our team, a wide variety of experts come together to further develop our software and optimize our services. In this way, Hallo Welt! is ideally positioned to continue to grow and to take on new challenges all the time.

Meet our management team:

Dr. Anja Ebersbach
Dr. Anja Ebersbach
CEO Finance & Personnel
Dr. Richard Heigl
Dr. Richard Heigl
CEO Marketing & Sales
Dr. Markus Glaser
Dr. Markus Glaser
CEO Software & Development
Sabine Gürtler
Sabine Gürtler
Team Lead Service & Support
Robert Vogel
Robert Vogel
Team Lead Produkt & Software Development

Our customers

Our projects

Tennet TSO

Initially intended as a reference book for the network operator’s construction and operating guidelines, BlueSpice has developed into a company-wide knowledge base with currently around 11,000 articles. Read more

terranets bw GmbH

Six years ago, the network operator terranets bw transferred its organizational manuals and corporate guidelines into a BlueSpice MediaWiki. This saves the company valuable time. Read more

Wiener Wohnen

Europe’s largest municipal property management company has transferred its organization manual as well as process and document management into a Wiki platform. A field report. Read more

Max Bögl Bauservice

The company relies on a BlueSpice MediaWiki of Hallo Welt! GmbH, to organize the company knowledge in a clear and user-friendly way. Read more

Landau Media GmbH

Landau Media GmbH & Co KG has been using BlueSpice pro for over ten years. For the specialists in media monitoring on the one hand an important tool for process documentation and on the other hand a comprehensive reference book. Read more

Ryte GmbH

Ryte GmbH relies on a BlueSpice Wiki for its reference work in digital marketing. The leading resource in this form is regularly quoted in university papers and has a large share of the sessions on the Ryte website. Read more